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 About us

Welcome to Art-O-Caria.

Come and discover our handcrafted tableware in solid Acacia wood. Useful and decorative, our creations are hand-turned by our master craftsmen in this rot-proof and easy-to-maintain wood. The choice of materials and the quality of finish make them durable and elegant products.


Eco-responsible approach

Art-O-caria is committed to the planet and local populations.

- All our products are made in the Philippines from wood from healthy and sustainably harvested forests.
- We do not exceed the natural capacitie of the forest to ensure its regeneration.
- After the harvest, our teams replant trees in partnership with the environment and natural resources department.
- The exploitation is done in such a way as to protect and ensure the diversity of the local flora and fauna.
- The use of dangerous chemicals is prohibited.
- Our products are made in the province where the wood is harvested in order to reduce our carbon footprint.
- We promote respect for traditional rights and local customs.
- We are SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) certified.

- Our packaging consists of export quality Kraft paper and cardboard.


What kind of wood is used?

All our objects are in solid Acacia wood

Are the objects fragile?

Acacia is a particularly resistant and rot-proof wood.
No mark appears on contact with water, soup, vinaigrette and other sauces.

How to maintain my items?

Our crafts are known for their durability.

It is advisable to clean them by hand in order to keep their shine over time.

In the case of daily use, it is possible to apply an edible oil from time to time to enhance the colors and grain of the item.

Use in the microwave is prohibited.

Frequent use in the dishwasher will contribute to colour fading

Do you sell to professionals?

Yes, in addition to individuals we are proud to count among our customers, shops (for their presentation or resale), artisans, restaurants, hotels ...

What are the payment options available ?

We accept payment by credit card.
Cash payment is accepted for click and collect

where do we deliver and by what means?

We deliver throughout Europe by Mondial Relay or Colissimo.

Your order leaves within 24 hours

France: from € 6 by Mondial Relay and € 13 by Colissimo

Europe: from € 9 by Mondial Relay and € 24 by Colissimo

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